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5+1 reasons to spend a year abroad

It is common belief that spending some time abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity.. Many students decide to spend their holidays abroad, others start looking for new job opportunities or pursue their higher education abroad.

Nowadays, spending the fourth year of high school abroad is becoming increasingly popular, either for the entire academic year or for a shorter period of time.. It is an experience sought after by both students themselves and their families. Why has the year abroad become such a trend?

Here are five good reasons (+1) for you to decide to spend an exchange year abroad!

1. Get to know yourself and become independent

While abroad, you will constantly be in situations outside of your comfort zone which will make you learn more about yourself and your surroundings. Studying in a school system you are not used to, dealing with a different culture, and living everyday life with a host family will test your flexibility. Although this can be scary, the international experience will allow you to discover new passions and talents. It will make you aware of your limitations and help you find new ways to overcome them

2. Invest in your future

“What are your plans after high school?”, the typical question that is asked at family gatherings and that you often can’t answer decisively.

The year abroad will allow you to better understand what t you’d like to do or make you take into consideration things you did not think about. International high schools enable you to elect subjects based on your interests and offer a wide selection of courses to choose from: from home economics to photography, from creative writing to… cooking. Yes, it is a subject! And why not try studying anatomy, psychology, or politics?

Thanks to the year abroad you will discover your true passions.. Once you return to Italy, you can decide whether to continue your studies in your home country or pursue university study abroad. With our Elect program, you will have a chance to start university a year earlier than your Italian peers.

It is only by 

challenging yourself that you will find your way.

Sofia knows this well. Thanks to her experience in Nevada, she has 

embraced new passions and now, not only is she the captain of the Volleyball team, but she also made the important decision to continue her studies in the USA byr obtaining her American Diploma and applying for admission onto an Astrophysics course!

3. Build lifelong relationships

One of the greatest advantages of studying abroad is the opportunity to make new friends and build long-lasting relationships with students like you from all over the world. Not only local students, but also other exchange students who, like you, have faced the fears, joys, and challenges of this emotional roller-coaster. You will have many friends to visit in various parts of the world and a second family, the one that hosted you and that will always consider you a member of the family, to which you can always return!

Are you also dreaming of spending three, six or ten months in a high school abroad? Discover our Exchange Abroad service!

4. Expand your resume

We have already mentioned how crucial a year abroad can be for your future, but its importance extends beyond what we have told you so far.

A trimester, semester or entire academic year abroad will allow you to improve your language skills significantly and raise your profile to a higher level than your peers making it easier to take language exams such as TOEFL or IELTS.

It takes courage, ambition, and motivation to leave the comforts of home and embark ok this challenge: university admission officers appreciate the value of this experience.

Schools abroad allow individuals with different passions and interests to find new academic and social stimuli through school clubs, sports, and volunteer activities. In doing so, community spirit is encouraged, you acquire new skills such as leadership, initiative, teamwork, and your curriculum and personal background will develop

5. Learn about new cultures

Unlike short-term summer vacations, studying abroad is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in an unfamiliar environment and culture fully. For several months, you’ll get to explore the country you’ll be studying in and learn a lot about the local culture and lifestyle, which may be significantly different from what you are used to. You’ll get to debunk myths and break down stereotypes to immerse yourself in new habits and lifestyles.

Deciding to spend a year abroad means creating personal and academic growth opportunities, discovering new talents, and finding your own way.

As scary as it may sound, we believe there are many benefits to this experience, don’t you? What are you waiting for to take your future into your own hands? Check out our Exchange Abroad service.

6. Spend more time on your extracurricular passions

It’s no secret that extracurricular activities are an integral part of schools abroad.

Not only do schools offer plenty of clubs and societies, but they’ll also give you the chance to keep practicing various sports! Ranging from swimming, lacrosse, volleyball, to Greco-Roman wrestling. Whether you prefer individual or group sports, there will always be something for you. Sport is considered important to develop leadership and teamwork skills, two qualities that are highly valued by universities when it comes to admission, particularly in the USA. That’s why many local students do their best in sports activities, so they can try to get into university and obtain an athletic scholarship. You could be the next one to try!

Our student Alessandro knows this well, and besides attending high school in Florida, he also practices daily at the swimming academy. Alessandro is making the most of his international experience and will try to be admitted to the best US universities for economics!

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