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A short overview of our year

2021 has ended: this period of the year is always an opportunity for us at UNI Student Advisors to look back at the past months and reflect on everything, from our students’ accomplishments to the new collaborations we’ve initiated.

2021 has been our best year yet, and we are thrilled to have taken another step toward our mission: fulfill your potential and help you achieve your ambitions.


We have rebranded! During the first 8 years of activity, we have expanded our horizons: in 2013 we only supported Italian students in the admissions’ process to American universities, now we guide students in each and every step of their professional growth, and our services include High School Exchange Abroad, Exam Preparation, Sport scholarships’ counseling for athletes, College Counseling, and Career Coaching.

Not only: now we support international students from all over the world in the career progression, regardless of where they are from or where they want to study.

This is why we decided to make our image more consistent with our updated offer: USA Student Advisors is now UNI Student Advisors.

Our students were an integral part of this decision: we asked you to help us choose the new logo, and guess what: we chose the one you guys chose! 

We have changedour look, but we remain the same. Watch the video to review our story.

Admissions to the world’s top universities and beyond: expanding our horizons

In 2020, we started helping students from theMiddle East and Asia. To date, we guide students worldwide throughout their development, from the first years of high school to when they enter the corporate world. We are particularly excited about our student Lubna, who has gained admission to Columbia University.

We have also consolidated our leadership in Italy to guide students in the admission to universities worldwide. As a result, this year we supported four times as many students as last year. 

Last year alone our students were admitted to universities such as Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, NYU, Imperial, King’s, ,Lausanne Polytechnic, and many more. We cannot overlook the achievement of our student Lorenzo, who has gained admission and a full scholarship to Harvard thanks to our help.

An end-to-end offer: Exchange Abroad, Exam Prep and Career Coaching

After achieving amazing results for our College Counseling students, who have taken and scored perfect scores in English certifications as well as admission exams to universities abroad, we started offering our end-to-end and personalized exam preparation service to students who did not benefit from our college counseling service. 

The results have been amazing thanks to our team of tutors, who have an average of 20+ years of experience helping students ace these exams and have worked for the companies that administer exams such as the TOEFL, GRE and SAT.

We have expanded our Career Coaching and Exchange Abroadservices. We also signed a partnership with a company with over 30 years of experience helping students complete years of high school abroad(Stay tuned for news in 2022…)

Social Impact Initiatives

At the same time, we have continued to invest deeply in social impact projects. 

First of all, P2P E-Learning Italia: we started P2P during the first lockdown, to help students with the transition to online learning. We have continued to invest in it, by maintaining our original promise: a student-run project which offers 100% free online tutoring.

We also continue to increase our financial support to underprivileged and deserving students through the UNI Scholarship Fund, a scholarship fund financed directly by our revenues. Alessandro and Diletta were the winners in 2021.

We are thrilled with our achievements in 2021, but this would not have been possible without your trust and the support of our fantastic team, which now includes more than 30 people. A big thank you for choosing us!!! 

We look forward to continuing to improve in 2022, with the same goal clearly set in mind: fulfill your potential and help you achieve your ambitions.

Again, Many Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and thanks again to all of you for your trust!

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