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Diploma abroad: the success stories of Giada and Sofia

Have you ever dreamed of spending a high school year in an international high school and/or obtaining a diploma abroad? Many students have, and with our support they made their dream come true.

In UNI Student Advisors we design programs tailored to your needs aimed at maximizing your academic and professional growth to guarantee you a better future. We also use this approach for our high school programs abroad, offering more exclusive services than those commonly offered.

Today we celebrate the achievements of our high school students who have embarked on this exciting international experience!

Graduation  from Indian River High School in the United States

Giada’s desire was to attend a high school year abroad, at the end of which she could graduate abroad, especially in the USA, and start university one year ahead of her Italian peers who will graduate at the end of the fifth year of high school. The financial aspect was also extremely important for Giada and her family, who were looking for a quality school in line with the family budget. 

Although Giada started her journey with us only three months before her departure, we can say: goal achieved! To date Giada is studying at Indian River High School, at # 3 in Best High Schools for STEM in Sussex Country, where she will be able to deepen her interest in marine biology (which she dreams of studying at university too).

Indian River is a high school in Vero Beach with approximately 650 students, offering many AP courses and extracurricular activities. Here Giada has the opportunity to combine her passion for marine biology with a spot on extracurricular activity: diving. In this regard, our team has coordinated the necessary permits with her host family and her family in Italy, so as to allow Giada to fully customize her experience abroad.

Everything exceeded our expectations and, today, we are happy to announce that after Indian River, Giada will continue her academic journey in the USA at Florida International University in Miami.

Diploma at American Heritage Academy in the United States

Sofia wanted to obtain an American diploma, which would allow her to continue her studies at the university in America a year earlier than her Italian peers.

In fact, Sofia initially chose us for our College Counseling program, having already arranged her fourth year abroad with another study holiday company. Working with us she realized that the American diploma was something essential to her experience. So, even though it was already June, we rolled up our sleeves to find a solution in record time for her.

Furthermore, Sofia’s dream was to continue exploring her passion for astronomy without having to give up horse riding. We found a host family for Sofia to support her in pursuing sport at a competitive level during her high school year in the USA.

Despite the limited time available, together with Sofia we selected an American high school that was in line with the family budget and that would allow her to obtain the American Diploma.

To date Sofia is studying at American Heritage High School (Henderson), a short walk from Las Vegas and # 34 in Best Private K-12 Schools in America. American Heritage is a private school of 525 students that makes its academic programs its crown jewel. In addition, it offers sports and extracurricular activities that allowed Sofia to continue horse riding but also to become captain of the Volleyball team!

The possibility of supporting Sofia also for her fourth year abroad allowed us to organize a personalized path that would allow her to maximize her fourth year experience in America to increase her chances of admission to American universities. Therefore, we have defined together the best academic courses for her and the best extracurricular activities to enrich her profile prior to applying for admission.

By choosing us you are not choosing an agency for study holiday abroad experiences or an exchange program, but consultants who follow you in every choice for your academic journey.

Would you like to undertake an experience as an exchange student abroad too? Tell us your goals and we will suggest the most suitable service for you!

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