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We offer you a complete and personalized service:

Our tutors come from the world’s top universities and have an average of 15 years of experience preparing students like you for English certifications and admission exams to the world’s best universities.

Unsure of the best exam preparation strategy? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our tutors will prepare personalized plans based on the results of a diagnostic test, your schedule & personal objectives, and the time we have to raise your score.

We give you access to our platforms with hundreds of video lessons to review the exam topics and study the best strategies to tackle the exams. All on-demand and accessible at any time according to your needs.

We assign you weekly tasks and quizzes and give you access to a library of over 5,000 exercises designed specifically for the tests you need to take. Don’t worry about buying dozens of books, we’ve got you covered.

We offer dozens of diagnostic tests during your preparation to continuously check the progress of your preparation and to prepare you for exam day.

We know how stressful exams like these are; that’s why we assign you a buddy who has already successfully gone through the exam preparation process.

Our tutors will support you with individual and interactive lessons entirely online, even in the evenings and on the weekends, according to your personal schedule and needs.

Much more than just tutors: we offer you a constant and personalized support both from an educational and a human point of view to overcome your fears and maximize your scores.


Customized test plans for admission to undergraduate degree programs


Customized plans for the English certification required for several programs, including Erasmus and admission to bachelor and master programs delivered in English


Customized test plans for both language and admission to programs at the world’s leading universities


Exam prep plans for masters, MBA, and PhD programs


Customized plans for the English certification required for admission to bachelor’s and master’s programs


Customized plans for both language tests and admission to master’s, MBA, and PhD programs

Not sure about which exams you will have to take yet? We are here to help. Tell us about your goals and we will help you identify the best exam for you!



SAT: 1570/1600 (800 Maths; 770 EBRW) at the first try

TOEFL: 112/120 (30 Reading; 30 Listening; 24 Speaking; 28 Writing) at the first try




GRE: 329/340 (90th percentile) at the first try



Portrait of a student girl with glasses. She stands in the background of the park and holds notebooks and folders in her hands. The girl is preparing to enter the university

SAT: from 1080 to 1410 with our preparation plan and tutors support



We’ve helped hundreds of young people like you prepare for entrance exams and language certifications! Will you be next?

Meet Clement: Head of Tutoring Services in UNI Student Advisors

Education at one of the best universities in America and work experience at the institutions that manage the SAT, GRE and TOEFL exams


▲ Education:

  • UCLA – Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy

▲ Track record:

  • College Board (SAT)
  • UCLA Admission Office


A team of professionals with decades of experience and thousands of students helped


Education: University of Arizona
15+ years of experience
1000+ students helped
SAT Math & English, TOEFLGRE Verbal & Quant, ACT

“Witnessing the academic and emotional growth of my students. I don’t believe that anyone is “bad” at math or “bad” at English. We all are capable of understanding anything with personalized, careful instruction”


Education: Caltech & UC Berkeley
8+ years of experience
800+ students helped
SAT Math, GRE Quant

“My favorite part of the job is meeting new and interesting people and talking about cool stuff. My specialty is in helping students who are already excellent reach levels of ability they would not have imagined possible.”


Education: University of South Florida
15+ years of experience
1.000+ students helped
SAT Reading & Writing, ACT English & Reading

“I offer a safe, non-judgmental environment. I facilitate unique approaches to the material, suggest techniques you might not have tried before, and promote connections between personal interests and lesson requirements so that learning can be engaging, even fun!”


Education: Vanderbilt University
15+ years of experience
1.000+ students helped
SAT English, GRE Verbal, ACT

“I love helping students grow their SAT scores by expanding their college and university options. Stanford, Georgetown, and Northwestern are just a few of the universities my students have been admitted to.”


Education: UC Berkely
25+ years of experience
1000+ students helped
GMAT Quant, GMAT Verbal,GRE Quant, GRE Verbal

“I focus on principles and procedures that enable my students to avoid the impediments that have prevented them from answering exam questions correctly. We discuss when and how to use these principles and procedures to most efficiently answer each step of each question that the student answers incorrectly.”


Education: University of Wisconsin
20+ years of experience
500+ students helped
SAT Math & English, IELTS, ACT, PSAT

“Helping students develop greater self-esteem and move past the roadblocks to understanding. I love building relationship/rapport, and helping them learn to excel in subjects they first believed they couldn’t. ”


Education: California State Polytechnic University
10+ years of experience
600+ students helped
SAT Math

“Seeing a student succeed is the best part about being a tutor. Many of my former students have been accepted to prestigious universities including Yale, NYU, Purdue, University of Michigan, USC, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and University of Arizona, just to name a few.”


Education: Tufts University
15+ years of experience
1.000+ students helped
SAT Math & English, ACT

“Supporting students in their preparation and assisting in their growth is what I love most about my job.”

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