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International Baccalaureate and Sports Academy in America

Study abroad to graduate with an international diploma (International Baccalaureate) or attend a High School in America while continuing to practice your favourite sport at a competitive level?

Today you will read the stories of Carola and Alessandro, who have chosen to embark on this international experience with UNI Student Advisors!

International Baccalaureate at Léman Manhattan Prep

Our student Carola, together with her family, chose to undertake the two-year path aimed at obtaining the International Baccalaureate (IB) in an American High School.

The options we identified for Carola were based upon her and her family’s preferences: a world-class school with an important track record for placing students in the best universities in the world, a high school that would allow her to obtain the IB International Diploma in one year, after having attended the first in Switzerland, residence in the school dormitories and, above all, a school situated in her dream city, besides being the city where her elder sisters Elisa (followed by UNI Student Advisors for admission to NYU) and Lorena (followed by UNI Student Advisors for admission to Fordham University) live.

Despite starting the journey with us only three months before departure, Carola’s goals were fully achieved!

Swimming Academy and Diploma in America

Alessandro’s goal was to practice swimming at a competitive level during his high school year abroad, and together with his family, he contacted us for our Diploma + Sports Academy service.

Alessandro’s choice was the High School Elect program, which would allow him to graduate high school with a US Diploma.

Although Alessandro has decided to return to Italy and obtain his Italian diploma before moving back to America for college, supporting Alessandro ever since his exchange year abroad, has allowed us to pave the way for his university career in America.

Specifically, since he arrived in the States, our team has worked with him to prepare for entrance exams such as the SAT and TOEFL and to get in touch with University swimming coaches to promote his sports profile (College Athletes Counseling Service).

Today Alessandro is studying at Boca Prep, an international high school at #22 in Best Private K-12 Schools in the Miami Area, and swims at the Saint Andrew’s Swimming Academy, under the careful guidance of the Olympic coach Sid Cassidy.

Alessandro’s story is another example of how useful it is to think about your path holistically, planning the next steps and identifying the activities you can do in advance. At UNI Student Advisors we are the only ones to offer ad hoc programs from freshman year to when you enter the professional world.

Would you like to experience an exchange abroad too?

Let us know your goals and we will suggest the most suitable service for you.

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