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+44 7818 204 729


Career coaching

UNI Student Advisors supports you, through its Certified Career Coaches and industry experts, in the most important choices for your career; whether you want to stay in the geographical area, industry, or company where you are currently located, but especially if you want to change one or more of these aspects.

Our consultancy is dedicated to the following areas:

  • Short- and long-term objectives
  • Personal brand
  • Career strategy
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Transitions and career changes

This last section of our service is made possible thanks to our expertise in the following areas:

  • Knowledge of the working world in different geographical areas
  • Knowledge of different sectors, including management consulting, banking, alternative investments, (Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Institutional Investors), Tech (bigtech, smalltech, FinTech, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies)

Within our Career Coaching service, you can find two targeted services for:

Our hourly rate is $130.