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+44 7818 204 729


Boca Prep

Students can combine high school studies combined with one  of a renowned sports academy of their choice:

Evert Tennis Academy

The international academy founded by the former number one in the world and winner of 18 Grand Slam titles Chris Evert and his brother John.

Saint Andrew’s Swimming & Waterpolo Academy

Saint Andrew’s Swim Club is a prestigious swimming club just a few minute’s cars from Boca Prep International. Your children will train under the careful guidance of former Olympic athlete Sid Cassidy.

Boca Prep Soccer Academy

The student will train every day and play for a local club and the Boca Prep International private school which is building one of America’s most renowned football academies.

Boca Prep Golf Academy

The student will train every day on the real grass field of Boca Prep International and will compete in professional leagues of clubs and high schools.