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IMG Track & Field Academy

The IMG Track Academy can be chosen in conjunction with the IMG Boarding School or individually. With UNI Student Advisors, you can attend IMG Track Academy both for camps of any duration during the year and for entire academic years. It is also possible to choose IMG Track Academy in combination with English courses or preparation for the admission exams to American universities.

The IMG athletics academy ranks first nationally for the women’s team, which holds numerous records in various disciplines, and in the top 10 for the male team.

The academy is located on IMG’s 250-hectare campus and takes full advantage of both the immense campus and the fantastic Florida climate. There are 8 400-meter tracks, dedicated structures for long jump, triple jump, high jump, pole vault, and javelin throw. IMG also makes use of the most advanced technologies for video analysis, athletic tests, and technical training.

You will train like a real professional and you will be followed by a team of coaches that will include: a specific trainer for your discipline, a specifically assigned nutritionist who will study the best diet for you based on your daily needs and the objectives agreed with the coach and a psychologist to better prepare you for competitions, as well as a team of athletic trainers and masseurs. All under the careful guidance of the Director of the IMG Track Academy Mark Napier – coach of 4 Olympic athletes and winner of more than 40 collegiate awards, both individual and team – and his team.

Below is a typical daily program at IMG:

7:00 am – 8:00 am Wake up and breakfast
8:00 am – 11:30 am Training
11:30 am – 1:00 pm Shower and lunch
1:00 pm – 6:00 pm School
After 6:30 pm Dinner and Free Time

Room and board will be at IMG’s dormitories and the academy will take care of all the logistical issues for you. UNI Student Advisors is the official partner of IMG in Italy and boasts preferential relationships with the company. Contact us to find out if you can get a scholarship for sporting or academic merits.