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Sport Camps in America

Are you a competitive athlete looking for a perfect environment to train at the highest level even in the summer or during winter break? Are you an amateur athlete who wants to improve his level and learn English better at the same time? Do you want to start learning more about the world of sports in American universities?

UNI Student Advisors has the perfect program for you. You will train at the facilities of IMG Sport Academy, the most famous sport academy in the world. IMG’s coaches are renowned in their respective sports, and it is no coincidence that the academy has trained some of the best professional athletes in every sport – particularly tennis, football, basketball, athletics and golf. With a campus of over 400 hectares, including a hotel, private high school, dormitories, canteens, restaurants and 8 professional sports academies, IMG is also the world’s largest conglomerate of sports academies.

With us, you can train, learn English and, if you are interested, start preparing for an American university entrance exam with us. You will receive an evaluation of your sports profile with indications of your real chances of getting sports merit scholarships from the best universities in the United States.

You can attend IMG for a week or two months, we can accommodate any request. You can choose from the following professional academies: football, tennis (Bollettieri Tennis Academy), golf, track & field, basketball, American football, baseball and lacrosse.