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The NCAA generates about a billion dollars in profits each year and collegiate sport continues to grow.

A further demonstration of the importance of collegiate sports is that the vast majority of American professional athletes have attended college. All of them and many other students with significantly inferior athletic qualities have received scholarships for sports merit that have covered the entire school fee.

The major American sports, which are Football, Basketball, Baseball and soccer, include numerous players from American universities each year. Drafts are events in which American collegiate students are chosen by American professional teams, and they are some of the most important events of the year for their respective sports.

How do you get into American college sports teams, and above all, how do you get scholarships for sports merit? The selection process is not that easy. First of all, the level of sports teams at U.S. universities varies considerably and with it the chances of receiving scholarships. It is therefore essential to apply to the appropriate universities in order to be part of the sports teams and to obtain scholarships for sporting merit.

In order to be eligible to compete at a collegiate level and consequently obtain scholarships, you must submit an “application for admission” and send numerous documents to the NCAA through the NCAA Eligibility Center portal. The image at the top right shows the main screen of the site. The NCAA performs a full background check on the student and asks for a lot of information which, although apparently basic, is intended to ensure that the student can compete in collegiate sports.

The slightest error in completing the application for admission to the NCAA won’t allow the student to receive scholarships for sporting merit. Once a negative result is received, it is impossible to “go back” and modify the information provided.

It is therefore essential to rely on professionals to complete the application form. UNI Student Advisors provides full support to athletes of all types within our  College Counseling, University in America or Master in America. We make sure that the application is completed correctly. In addition, our network within the sports teams of hundreds of U.S. universities exponentially increases the chances of obtaining scholarships for athletic merit. The chances increase exponentially even if you train in our amazing high school sport academies .

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