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Studying in Canada

Canada is ranked among the 10 best countries in the world where to live thanks to its quality of life. Canada is one of the 10 best entrepreneurial economies in the world: the country ranked number 1 among the G20 for the ease of doing business and starting a company. There are modern and livable cities, including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, the capital Ottawa-Gatineau and Calgary, but also unspoiled nature (with 39 huge national parks).

Canada boasts a multi-ethnic and multicultural environment, which, in addition to making the country more welcoming and the least xenophobic in the world, improves the integration possibilities of those who live here. The country is bilingual (English and French), but in Canada over 200 languages are spoken.

Characterized by dynamism and practicality and by the constant availability of teachers and professors, the teaching system provides students with the opportunity to develop knowledge, analytical and communication skills and to express their creativity and personality. All this at more attractive prices than their US neighbors.

You will have the opportunity to study in a country that ranks among the 10 best countries in the world where you can live in terms of quality of life.

The university in Canada, like in the United States, lasts 4 years, after which you will be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree. In Canada, you can experience living on University Campuses, in a full immersion between studying in state-of-the-art environments with the best technologies, sports and cultural entertainment activities.

Attending university in Canada means accessing a world-class education system: 5 of its best universities are ranked among the top 100 in the world: University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Colombia, McMaster University and University of Montreal. A total of 30 Canadian universities are ranked among the best universities in the world in the Times Higher Education ranking. Last but not least, it is worth knowing that those who have studied in Canada can benefit from a simplified immigration system to live permanently in the country.

If you compete in sports, UNI Student Advisors can help you get a sports scholarship that can cover your entire tuition. There are about 96 universities in Canada and our goal is to find the ideal one for you. Choose our College Counseling service.

You can obtain a Master in Canada in one of the many universities which offer master degrees in the country. Like in the US, master degrees last anywhere between 1 and 4 years, depending on the program and the university you choose.

As for Masters and MBAs, Canada boasts some of the best programs in the world as well as excellent first-time job wages. There are 5 Canadian universities listed among the best MBAs in the world; however, the country is represented in all the world’s top Master Degrees rankings, regardless of the major. MBA graduates in Canada from the best universities in the country, such as the University of Toronto, University of West Ontario, McGill University and Queen’s University can earn starting salaries of about CA$80,000 to over CA$100,000 after just a few years of work experience.
As for PhD programs: university research makes up over a third or all research pursued in Canada, the highest proportion among G20 countries. There are over 2,000 faculty positions available research in Canadian universities. These elements make Canada one of the world leaders in university research in the world. The most famous and funded industries are:

  • Clinical medicin
  • Biology
  • Information technology and media
  • Earth sciences and sustainability applied to science
  • Business & Economics

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