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Studying in UK

Studying in England and the rest of the UK is a perfect option for students who wish to study in a more advanced school system.

The first advantage of obtaining a university or master degree in the UK is that the student will be able to start working much earlier.

Universities in England last on average only 3 years, after which most students start working thanks to the numerous jobs offers.

A degree or master’s degree in England will allow you to learn English perfectly and gain work experience. Above all, you will benefit from the reputation of English universities that are recognized worldwide and are widely regarded as the best universities in Europe.

UNI Student Advisors offers two personalized programs for you to study in England:

University in England lasts on average 3 years after which each student obtains a bachelor’s degree. There are more than 250 universities in the UK and the admission process is very challenging, with strict deadlines which you must comply with.

The British and American university systems are very similar. Like the American system, the British system is much more practical and even in England you will start gaining internship experience much earlier.

As in America, at the end of the bachelor’s degree, most students decide to enter the job market rather than continuing their studies with a master’s degree immediately after graduation.

The advantage of British universities over American universities is that their tuition fees are more affordable. If you are an European student, you currently can still benefit from the student loan which covers all your tuition expenses and is not due until you start working full-time.

The financial aid options, combined with the quality of British schools and the job opportunities after graduation, make the UK a great destination for your university studies!

UNI Student Advisors will guide you step by step through the UK college admission process, offering you personalized and comprehensive support. As of today, UNI Student Advisors maintains 100% success rate for its clients in the admission process to British universities.

Choose the College Counseling service.

Most Masters courses in England last one year with some exceptions in certain areas such as medicine and veterinary medicine.

English universities are very famous for their masters and are still considered very prestigious both in the UK and abroad.

The Financial Times’ ranking of the top 100 MBAs in the world includes 13 universities in England. British Masters are in fact the only ones to compete with the American monopoly in the sector. London Business School is ranked among the most prestigious MBA degrees in the world. Those who obtain a master’s degree from the London Business School receive an average salary of $157,000, making it the most attractive master’s degree in Europe.

To ensure you have the opportunity to aspire to a master’s degree in England or elsewhere in the UK, UNI Student Advisors has designed a comprehensive, personalized service and support for you. Choose the College Counseling service.

Over the years, our consultants have helped hundreds of international students get into colleges abroad. To date, every single student we have helped has successfully completed the admission process with us.