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Studying in USA

Studying in the United States offers countless and completely different opportunities.

If you decide to embark in this journey in high school, for university, or for a master degree, you will be joining a school system that values your needs and sets you up for success.

If you are passionate about scientific or STEM subjects, you will be able to focus on those from your early high school years.

If you practice a sport at a competitive level, the United States allow you to put at use years and years of sacrifices in order to succeed in your favorite sport.

UNI Student Advisors offers services tailored to your age and interests.

When you enter an American high school, you immediately notice the huge differences with other high schools. Classes, sports, theater, school parties, cheerleaders: in America education is literally lived at 360°.

The American high school is structured differently. There are fewer subjects to study: in America a student “focuses” on about 6 subjects and can choose them freely. The classes themselves are structured differently. Instead of being divided into fixed students per classroom, students take individual classes in different classrooms, like in a university! This means no “fixed” classmates, and school community benefits from this.

But the lessons are only a small part of the school life. High school in America is not only a place where you study, but it is also a place where you spend your time and have fun with other students.

Sport and arts are a fundamental part of the school life and athletes are supported and helped by the teaching staff as they are perceived as a source of pride and prestige for the high school. Don’t be surprised to see over 500 people at Football matches over the weekend!

Sports are not the only recreational activities, as the institute organizes numerous events and parties throughout the year. The best example is the famous prom, a real cult for high school students in America!

Studying in high school in America is an absolutely wonderful experience. UNI Student Advisors makes your dream come true with our ad hoc programs:

University in the United States lasts 4 years after which you will obtain a Bachelor Degree.

Studying at a university in the USA offers much more than a Bachelor’s degree. You will have a wonderful experience in American colleges, making friends that will last a lifetime, studying in a meritocratic and practical system, which makes university more tailored to prepare you for the job market as well as more fun!

After obtaining a Bachelor Degree, some students continue their studies and get a master’s degree, but most of them start working because of the many job opportunities that the market offers.

There are over 6500 universities in the USA, and our goal is to find the perfect one for you.

You will be guided step by step in the admission process to American colleges by our college counselors, who will help you choose the American university that best suits your academic, athletic and personal needs.

The service for you is College Counseling.

Over the years our consultants have helped hundreds of international students in the admission process to universities in the US. To date, every single student we have helped has been admitted to college.

Master degrees in the United States can be obtained at thousands of universities.

The duration varies from 1 to 4 years depending on the field of study chosen by the student and the program offered by the university.

Obtaining a master’s degree in America is the best choice for your future.

In the Financial Times’ ranking of the top 100 master’s programs in the world, 7 out of the top 10 are American universities.

A student who obtains an MBA at Stanford University at the end of his master’s degree receives an average salary of about $182,000 per year. This makes Stanford the most wanted master’s degree in the world.

With the College Counseling program, we will offer you a personalized service in the long admission process that will allow you to aspire to obtain a master’s degree at the best universities in America.

Over the years our consultants have helped hundreds of international students in the admission process to universities in the US. To date, every single student we have helped has been admitted to college.