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The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is one of the most popular tests for admission to Bachelor’s degree programs offered by American colleges and universities. The SAT assesses the level of knowledge in critical areas for academic success, such as critical reading, writing and mathematics. You can take this exam from all over the world, and students mainly take it between the end of the second last year of high school and the first six months of the last year.

The exam includes two types of tests: the SAT and the SAT Subject Tests.



  • SAT
    The test consists of 3 parts in English: writing (writing and grammar), reading (comprehension of reading and compilation of sentences) and mathematics (a part with a calculator and the other without).
    It lasts about three and a half hours.
  • SAT Subject Test
    Test taken on certain dates (see Registration Bulletin) required to qualify in the following subjects: Literature, US & World History, Mathematics, Sciences and Languages.
    Each SAT Subject Test lasts approximately 1 hour. It is possible to take one to three different Subject Tests during an exam session.

How is the score calculated and how long does it take to receive the result?

The total score of the SAT is the sum of the scores obtained in the reading and writing section and those in the mathematics section. To get the total score, we convert the “raw” score of each section (the right number of questions in that section) into the scale score for that section, and then calculate the total score. The result varies from 400 to 1600 total points.

In the SAT Subject Test, the score is calculated to scale from 200 to 800 for each Subject Test.

The results are available online (only with online registration) after about 3 weeks. A hard copy is sent to the student by The College Board approximately 5 weeks after the exam session.

During the registration process, or during the exam session, you can request free shipping of up to 4 official Score Reports directly to the selected universities. After the end of the exam session, sending an official Score Report to a university costs $10 per copy.

You will have to take the SAT test if you want to study at a university in America; the exam is long and intense and has many different questions. UNI Student Advisors will prepare you for the exam with the support of our teachers. Rely on us to get the most out of your exam and aim for the best American colleges and scholarships. Choose the College Counseling service.



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