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+44 7818 204 729


We take care of your education with the UNI Scholarship Fund.

We are UNI Student Advisors: our mission is to fulfill your potential and help you achieve your ambitions.

Since 2013, we have supported hundreds of students like you through the admissions process to the best high schools and universities in every corner of the world, with the professionalism and passion that sets us apart.

Our students have been admitted to leading universities such as Harvard and Oxford, receiving scholarships that have covered their entire tuition and living expenses.

But that wasn’t enough for us anymore… which is why we decided to contribute to your studies ourselves, with scholarships funded directly by us!

Why was the UNI Scholarship Fund created?

Before we go into detail about the UNI Scholarship Fund, we want to tell you why we started this initiative.

We are your mentors, accompanying you through every step of the admission process with the aim of helping you achieve the goals you desire, and deserve to achieve.

However, university abroad often has higher costs than Italian universities and often this means that many international students cannot afford it.

Many people don’t know that although colleges’ costs are higher than in Italy, the scholarships they offer are also much higher.

An important part of our support is to help you get the financial support you need for your studies.

Since 2013, we have helped hundreds of you get admission to colleges and high schools anywhere in the world, and we helped students receive over $7 million in scholarships and need-based financial aid.

Although financial support is at the core of our service, at UNI Student Advisors we wanted to do more: personally contribute to your academic growth.

For this reason, we decided to create the UNI Scholarship Fund!

What is the UNI Scholarship Fund?

It is a scholarship fund that we make available to our most in need and deserving students, raised directly from our revenues, aimed at supporting you on your path to university and beyond.

Our goal is to increase our direct support year after year to help you achieve your goals, through the UNI Scholarship Fund.

We make scholarships available both to support our students in their college journey and help you and your families with the cost of our services.

At UNI Student Advisors, we believe that each of you deserves the best support possible, even when you don’t have the financial ability to afford it – that’s the purpose of the UNI Scholarship Fund.

Realizing your potential and ensuring a better future is our mission, and we care deeply about making sure that it reflects in concrete actions that can truly improve your growth path.

This is why, in March 2020, we co-founded P2P E-Learning Italia, a non-profit project through which we offer free lessons and courses designed for you as students. For example, the SAT Prep Course, aimed at preparing you for admission tests to American colleges and anywhere in the world.

Social commitment is at the heart of our project with a specific purpose: to carry out projects that support your growth and that can guarantee you the future you deserve, regardless of the use of our services!

Stay updated on upcoming initiatives!

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