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Why choose us

Here at UNI Student Advisors we distinguish ourselves from the competition for our values and our key differentiators

When applying to the best universities in the world, you will have to beat the competition of hundreds and, in some cases thousands of international students like you: any detail could make the difference. Your candidacy will be evaluated based on your academic profile, your grades on the admission exams and on your application, which includes personal statements, motivational essays, reference letters and your Resume/CV. Our consultants will guide you in the preparation of an application, motivational essays, and Resume/CV which are both creative and pragmatic in highlighting the parts of the profile the admission committees pay most attention to. Our consultants possess an average of over 20 years of experience and have worked in the admission committees of some on the top 15 universities in the world. Our overseas tutors will prepare you for the admission’ exams, leveraging their thirty years of experience in the sector, with targeted plans aimed at maximizing your performance in the exam.

Our tutors and college counselors live on site and travel 6 weeks a year to visit universities and participate in the best conferences in the sector. The result is a team that is always at the forefront of trends in admission applications to foreign universities.

International universities offer unbeatable employment and wage prospects, but also have very high costs. If the financial aspect is important for you, our counselors will prepare an ad-hoc plan to minimize the economic impact for you and your family. They will suggest the best universities for you based on scholarship and financial aid availability. They will help you in the admission process for scholarships and funding from third parties and will contact the admission committees to negotiate higher scholarships for you. We have already achieved increases in the scholarships offered to our students on several occasions.

We are young, ambitious and innovative. We are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether it’s a Sunday or Christmas day, our team is at your disposal. We use the most advanced softwares to manage group projects in order to maximize the value of our services to you and assign you mentors which will dedicate their time to you.

Our consultants and mentors are experts in the field of academic and professional development and can support you in every step of the way, from your first few years of high school to your career as a manager. Our most requested service is our complete package for admission to universities abroad: the College Counseling service. You can purchase the complete package or benefit from specific modules: the preparation for the admission exams, preparation of a list of universities suited to your objectives and potential, and support in the preparation of the application and the required material to be sent.

If you are a professional or competitive athlete, UNI Student Advisors is your opportunity to accelerate your development exponentially. We know what it means to be an athlete: our Founder was a competitive athlete, who studied in the USA thanks to an athletic scholarship!

That is why we have services created ad-hoc for you. We help you obtain athletic scholarships from universities in the USA, the UK, and Canada. To date, we have maintained 100% success rate with our athletes, both as far as admission and scholarships.

But our College Counseling service isn’t all we have for you… we work with the best sport academies in the world. We partner with IMG Sport Academy – the largest sport academy in the world – and many others! Weather you’d like to focus solely on athletics, or combine it with an academic journey, we have the perfect solution for you!

We are much more than a study abroad agency; we are really true to our mission. That is why we have decided to devote part of our revenues to non-profit projects such as P2P and to create a scholarship fund for our students. You will choose us because of our professional experience but also because of our true interest in what is best for you