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Why study abroad

By studying abroad you will gain the skills needed to succeed in today’s cosmopolitan workplace and you will have access to the best job markets in the world.

Studying abroad has become the best way to secure a bright future in today’s cosmopolitan business world and the English language countries are still the ones that offer the best employment opportunities, with higher average wages and unemployment rates at historic lows. UNI Student Advisors finds the best solution for your aspirations.

Companies worldwide state that knowledge of English is one of the most significative aspects in choosing the candidate. Cambridge English and QS, the largest international education network in the world, have been carrying out studies for over 20 years. In 2016 they asked about 6,000 companies in 38 countries and in 20 different business sectors to provide their opinion on the importance English knowledge to land a job in their company: 69% of responders in countries in which English is not the first language said that knowledge of English is a significant factor in choosing the candidate. For those countries where English is the primary language or the primary business language, the percentage went up to 97%.

After knowledge of English, the second, third and fourth most important elements for employers are IT skills, candidates with experiences abroad and those with some work experience. Lastly, the most sought-after soft skills for candidates are communication and written skills, and the ability to work in a team. These characteristics are well developed by practical education systems like the American, the British, the Canadian, and the Australian education systems.

For each of these elements, studying abroad provides tangible benefits. For example, in the US and the UK group projects are daily routine and work experiences are an integral part of the school curriculum; students have 5 months available each year to carry out full-time work experiences. This is how you will prepare to make an impact from the beginning when starting to work full-time!