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Two weeks ago, our founder Mattia Pastore was invited by Rotary International for an event on study abroad and the exchange programs offered by Rotary. Mattia focused on American universities. He spoke about the benefits of studying in America, his personal experience, and the process of admission to U.S. colleges.

Mattia grew up in Milan and moved to the United States at the age of 17; the initial goal was to complete only the fourth year of high school in America, but things went differently… Mattia studied at American universities on a tennis scholarship and then worked 4 years in New York City.

Mattia talked about his American dream and identified the 4 main reasons why in his opinion American universities are the best choice for your studies. Today we analyze the first one, in the next article we will talk about the other 3 and finally in the third article we will focus on the admission to American universities! If you are interested in receiving the next articles and the video of Mattia’s presentation,, subscribe to our newsletter!


Families are justifiably worried about the costs of American universities, but often they are not aware that American universities reward worthy students as well as students in need because of financial constraint! American universities offer $46 billion a year in scholarships for academic merits and financial needs!

The American meritocratic system can be appreciated as early as when you apply for admissions. If admitted to Harvard, a student automatically receives financial assistance based on his family income. To make it easier to understand, here’s an example: a family with a gross income of US$80K pays only $1,500 a year for their child’s university journey! Check it out for yourself on Harvard’s website!

On the day of his graduation, Mattia received 4 awards for his school GPA: best student in the whole finance department, best athlete in the school, best member of a fraternity, best international student in the school.

Meritocracy is also involved in opportunities during the school career, as the best students are invited to join the Honors College during their studies. Among the various advantages, Honors College students can be enrolled in the courses first, thus being able to choose the best professors, have dedicated mentors and have access to job opportunities exclusively for them. This is how Mattia has obtained a highly paid internship at one of the largest and most famous investment funds in the world: KKR.

If you are an ambitious young man , you can get a degree, a mster, an MBA, or a PhD in America, and in many other locations! Other than in universities in the United States, UNI Student Advisors advises students like you in the admission process to Canadian, Australian, European and English universities.

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